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The 19 Finest Tweets & Memes About Bisexual Awareness Week

While Pride Month is actually behind you, remembering different identities within the LGBTQ+ umbrella doesn’t result in June. Sept. 16-23 is
Bisexual Awareness Few Days
, a globally celebrated occasion that culminates in
Bisexual Exposure Day
on Sept. 23. This week honors and brings consciousness with the bisexual community, a grouping of individuals who have largely already been subjects of bi+ erasure and stigma. A study posted from inside the

William & Mary Journal of Women and also the legislation

learned that 58percent of individuals who identify as bisexual have experienced biphobic laughs on the job, and 31% of those interviewed have fallen victim to sexual harassment because of the identity. Obviously, Sept. 16-23 is actually a special time for bisexual individuals feel observed and recognized.

Per LGBTQ+ activism company GLAAD,
bisexual men and women make-up 52percent of the LGB neighborhood
, when you happen to identify together with the term, you may be certainly not alone. Thankfully, countless businesses and activists just who be involved in Bisexual Awareness month are working to combat against
bi+ erasure therefore the stigma
— particularly through social media. For bi+ training including humorous takes on exactly what it’s want to be bisexual, keep scrolling when it comes down to 19 most readily useful Tweets and memes about Bi Visibility.

Twitter posts along these lines one from individual
are superb sources to learn from.

Especially if you’ve experienced bi+ erasure before, it certainly is wonderful getting an indication that you will be good — irrespective of the sexual or passionate history.

Many people aren’t aware
cisgender individuals
are not the only ones just who are categorized as the bi+ umbrella, thus tweets that push common misinformation to light are often useful.

Fans of


will right away value this joke in regards to the openly bisexual fictional character
Brittany Pierce
, just who provided bi+ representation at one time with regards to had been if not pretty sparse.

learn more about range of bi here

Having somebody who accepts every part of who you really are, especially when you are a queer individual, is generally an amazing feeling.

great intimate health
is crucial for any sexually productive person, but needs extra consideration in LGBTQ+ neighborhood. This bi+ sexual wellness event is an excellent source for dispersing helpful information and getting focus on the problem.

If you have ever watched

The way to get Away with Murder

, you may be certainly familiar with
Viola Davis
‘ unparalleled performance as Annalise Keating — but did you realize the woman fictional character was also bisexual?

Bisexual or not, anyone can admit this is incredibly… punny.

Discover an incredible number of bisexual individuals throughout the U.S. and beyond, so it’s an effective thing when domestic places show community displays of assistance for the area.

Per this tweet, there is nothing like a wonderful hour selfie to tell you of whom you actually are. It’s just research.

This tweet response proves that there exists a wide variety of “types” of individuals who can recognize as bi+.

If you’d prefer makeup products and bi+ pride, have you thought to combine the two? Here,
performed exactly that — and slayed it.

Challenging stigma and invalidation many bisexual individuals endure, getting affirmed with tweets such as this one can end up being exactly what they should hear.

On Instagram, writer
Andi Bartz
provided a meaningful post about the woman experience as a bisexual woman and her bi+ satisfaction notwithstanding many biphobic responses she is received from others.

This graphic, originally from
on Instagram, functions as a touching and useful note for every men and women across the bi+ spectrum.

This attractive example comes along with an important part of the caption: Your identification is actually yours and yours alone; even although you’re maybe not “out,” you’re still finding out the place you fall-in the bi+ society, or perhaps you think questioned by other people, the bisexuality is definitely valid.